Monday, 27 November 2017


There is one colour that shows everywhere you go, whether it’s a forest ora lush meadow.  Walking into a remote jungle there is only one colour you’ll see, all the different hues of green will fill you with glee.  Tree’s, plants and moss, can’t you see, green is the boss.  It’s the feeling of envy, the colour of victory.  Green runs wild among the fields, providing to many creatures.  It is a colour, most places feature.  Emerald and lime, you see them all the time.  Fruits and vegetables, green is inescapable.  While green is beautiful, remind of snot, mould or slimy, slithering snakes, you will regret that day

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Possums are a really big problem

During the day Possums are in a deep sleep, with not a care in the world, but when the first signs of night appear, they emerge from their dry, hidden dens.  Possums are nocturnal creatures, and that makes it that that much harder to control their massively increasing population.  To this day we now have over 80 million possums in New Zealand.  Possums are now considered pests as they eat all of our native fauna and flora, such as insects, birds, eggs, young plants and leaves of trees.  This has lead to the amount of other animal species decreasing while the possum population thrives.  New Zealand didn’t have a problem with Possums a while back though, it all started when British settlers thought it would be a great idea to bring them over and hunt them down for their fur, which will give them some extra cash

People and groups all over New Zealand are now trying their best to control the amount of Possums which are affecting our clean, green country.  Some of these groups are the Department Of Conservation and other conservation groups.  Everyday citizens are also trying to support the cause by setting up traps, shooting down Possums, and laying down poison in native forests.  But what type of equipment they use depends on where the Possums are, what other non targeted species are around them, and how many Possums there are in the area, people in the Far North also eat Possum meat at barbecues and parties, as there are a ton around that area. But you have to be careful, as if you don’t make sure the Possum is rid of diseases, you may attract tuberculosis.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Desert Introduction

Desert Introduction:
Desert this is Josh, Josh this is Desert.  Josh, let me tell you about him, He is very unpredictable, His skin is very smooth. When he gets mad he tends to create a prodigious storm of fury.  When he cries his skin becomes squishy and wet, but he doesn’t cry very often.  When Desert gets tired he yawns so powerfully anyone near him will be knocked down to the ground with his strong lungs.  He’s ambivalent about most people, he doesn’t love anyone, and only hates few.  

He was my first and only friend, but now of course I have more friends so now he is just my first friend.  Desert hates being judged by people, when they judge him it leads to them getting hurt by his prickly skin.  He wonders why people never come to visit, (Shh don’t tell him why they don’t want to visit him).     


Diwali Facts

1.Everyone knows that when Diwali is an Indian holiday, but what most people may not know is that Diwali also celebrates the start of another year for Indians

2.Diwali is the most famous and largely celebrated holiday in India as it marks the Indian New Year on the 23rd of October, lasting for 5 days, Indian school kids also get a couple days off school to celebrate.     
3.More than 800 million people celebrate this festival in various ways around the world.

4.These fireworks cause health problems such as respiratory issues, heart attacks, high blood pressure and many more.If you use fireworks during Diwali they will also cause safety hazards to the children handling them. Many of these firecrackers burst near children, causing them severe injuries. Hence, necessary steps must be taken during the festival season, and a more environmentally friendly way of celebrating the festival should be used in the coming years.

5. During Diwali millions of people spend billions of dollars on hazardous fireworks and other celebratory items.

6 Ansh’s family celebrates Diwali by going to a restaurant and having a huge party where everyone has to sing or dance.  Ansh remembers that during this time the most awkward moment of life occurred, as I had to sing in front of 70 family members.
7. Krish’s family celebrates Diwali by making food and giving it to friends and family. Krish remembers that during this time he became friends with Jashil who used to go to this school.

8. Gambling during Diwali is actually quite popular as there is a belief that it brings good luck and prosperity in the year ahead.

9. Ansh thinks that Diwali is a great time to praise the gods and ask them to help them during the next year.  Diwali is like the Maori celebration of Matariki as in Matariki and Diwali people ask for help during the upcoming year

10. Krish thinks that Diwali is a good time to unite with other people who you haven’t seen in ages like your relatives, and also eat the nice food and talk .


The pillars, like men, carry the 4 tonne beast of nature on their exhausted shoulders.  They stand in the subzero lake getting colder by the second.  The landscape is dull, almost like an old black and white movie.  The hole in the middle showing us that some pillars have collapsed under the weight of the colossal assembly of ice above them.  The seemingly calm waters could not be more dangerous, with uncountable amounts of deadly creatures swarming the abyss below.  Any man who is unlucky enough to fall into these merciless waters will die in mere seconds.


Cause and Effect about Tropical Rainforests